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Greetings!  I am Bill Hornbeck.  I grew up in the Christian Reformed Church denomination in Muskegon, Michigan.  I learned about Reformed Doctrine at home, in church, and in Christian schools, all of which were part of the Christian Reformed Church.

In 1977, I moved to Florida to go to law school, and I stayed here in Florida.  I attended and was a member, even a lay leader, in a large range of churches from Assembly of God to Baptist to Calvary Chapel to United Methodist to nondenominational churches and small fellowships.  At first, I thought Reformed Doctrine would be preached in all Protestant churches.  When I heard some strange preaching or teaching, I first thought that the problem was just with that particular minister or teacher.  And eventually, when I spoke about what I encountered, a childhood friend, who now lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan, asked me if I remembered “TULIP” which is also known as the Five Points of Calvinism and the Reformed Doctrine of salvation.

“TULIP” is an acronym for “Total Depravity”, “Unconditional Election”, “Limited Atonement”, “Irresistible Grace”, and “Preservation of the Saints” (also known as “Perseverance of the Saints”), the “U”, “L”, “I”, and “P” of “TULIP”.  “TULIP” is a nutshell summary of what is more fully taught in the Reformed Confession called Canons of Dordt.

I studied the differences between Calvinism and Arminianism.  That study made me aware that often what bothered me was not just bad preaching or teaching, but rather the problem was caused by bad doctrine (Arminianism) that broadly and deeply affected a certain Protestant church and its denomination which at some time of its history strayed away from Reformed Doctrine rediscovered in the Reformation.  In contrast to this bad doctrine which I encountered, I began to appreciate more the truth, logic, beauty, and simplicity of “TULIP” which is my heritage.  Though the years, when I would go back to Michigan, it was like a breath of fresh air when I would hear it in a Christian Reformed Church.

I am now passionate about proclaiming “TULIP”, because it is the sound doctrine of salvation and because most Protestant Churches do not teach it or at least emphasize it enough.  Even in a Christian Reformed Church in Florida, I remember an Elder coming to me after a Sunday School class that I taught on “TULIP”, and he said with wonder and appreciation that he had not heard it taught before.

My web sites has various links to Reformed Doctrine, including the Canons of Dordt.  I also write daily devotions on my meditations on Scripture as I read it in its order.  In order to get to the daily devotions, you can either click on the link in the right margin titled “Daily Devotions” or more simply “Home Page”.  All Scriptures are in New American Standard Version unless otherwise stated.

On a personal note, I am an attorney, married with three sons.  Although I do my best to present true teachings, these are my teachings as a layman.  (I am an attorney, not a minister).  And, although I have been taught by and otherwise influenced by certain Reformed denominations through the years from a very early age to date, my teachings are not necessarily the teachings of the Christian Reformed Church, Presbyterian churches, the Protestant Reformed Churches, nor any other denomination.  The reader is advised to follow the example set forth in Acts 17:11:  “Now these were more noble-minded than those in Thessalonica, for they received the word with great eagerness, examining the Scriptures daily to see whether these things were so.”

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