Posted by: Bill Hornbeck | February 14, 2018

“For You have worked wonders, Plans formed long ago, with perfect faithfulness.” – “For You have been a defense for the helpless” – “You subdue the uproar of aliens”

Today’s devotion comes from Nahum chapter 3.  Here is a link to this chapter –

My next devotion, God willing, will be February 26, 2018.  I will be going to areas of Arizona to hike, including the Grand Canyon, with 8 Christian high school classmates.  We go every 3 years.  This is our sixth trip.  It is a great time of adventure and Christian fellowship.  Please keep us in your prayers.  Thank you.

I quote only the following verses.

“Woe to the bloody city, completely full of lies and pillage;
Her prey never departs.
2 The noise of the whip,
The noise of the rattling of the wheel,
Galloping horses
And bounding chariots!
3 Horsemen charging,
Swords flashing, spears gleaming,
Many slain, a mass of corpses,
And countless dead bodies—
They stumble over the dead bodies!
4 All because of the many harlotries of the harlot,
The charming one, the mistress of sorceries,
Who sells nations by her harlotries
And families by her sorceries.
5 “Behold, I am against you,” declares the LORD of hosts;
“And I will lift up your skirts over your face,
And show to the nations your nakedness
And to the kingdoms your disgrace.
6 “I will throw filth on you
And make you vile,
And set you up as a spectacle.
7 “And it will come about that all who see you
Will shrink from you and say,
‘Nineveh is devastated!
Who will grieve for her?’
Where will I seek comforters for you?”  Nahum 3:1-7.


“O LORD, You are my God;
I will exalt You, I will give thanks to Your name;
For You have worked wonders,
Plans formed long ago, with perfect faithfulness.
2 For You have made a city into a heap,
A fortified city into a ruin;
A palace of strangers is a city no more,
It will never be rebuilt.
3 Therefore a strong people will glorify You;
Cities of ruthless nations will revere You.
4 For You have been a defense for the helpless,
A defense for the needy in his distress,
A refuge from the storm, a shade from the heat;
For the breath of the ruthless
Is like a rain storm against a wall.
5 Like heat in drought, You subdue the uproar of aliens;
Like heat by the shadow of a cloud, the song of the ruthless is silenced.”  Isaiah 25:1-5.


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