Posted by: Bill Hornbeck | November 28, 2018

“The LORD has done great things for us; We are glad.” – “Be glad in the Lord and rejoice, you righteous ones; And shout for joy, all you who are upright in heart.”

Today’s devotion comes from Luke 5:33-35.

“And they said to Him, “The disciples of John often fast and offer prayers, the disciples of the Pharisees also do the same, but Yours eat and drink.”  And Jesus said to them, “You cannot make the attendants of the bridegroom fast while the bridegroom is with them, can you?  But the days will come;  and when the bridegroom is taken away from them, then they will fast in those days.”  Luke 5:33-35.


Some think it looks righteous to appear somber, sad, and suffering.

And, some are hostile to Christians and criticize Christians no matter what they do:  “and say, ‘We played the flute for you, and you did not dance;  we sang a dirge, and you did not mourn.’”  Matthew 11:17.

Jesus further said:  “For John came neither eating nor drinking, and they say, ‘He has a demon!’  The Son of Man came eating and drinking, and they say, ‘Behold, a gluttonous man and a drunkard, a friend of tax collectors and sinners!’  Yet wisdom is vindicated by her deeds.”  Matthew 11:18-19.

There is a time for sadness.

“A time to weep and a time to laugh;
A time to mourn and a time to dance.”  Ecclesiastes 3:4.

There is certainly a time for us to mourn and weep when we suffer or lose loved ones.

There was sadness when Jesus was taken away from His disciples and suffered and died.

But, there was great joy when Jesus was resurrected from the dead and returned to His disciples.  And, there was even greater joy when the disciples received the Holy Spirit.  “And the disciples were continually filled with joy and with the Holy Spirit.”  Acts 13:52.  “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace …”  Galatians 5:22.

Thus, generally, joy is one of the marks of a Christian.  Joy is a fruit of the Holy Spirit within us, and joy is also a response of a Christian for the great things the LORD has done for us.  

There was joy when the LORD brought back those who were in captivity in Babylon.  But, there is also greater joy for us whom the LORD released from captivity to sin and Satan.

“When the LORD brought back the captive ones of Zion,
We were like those who dream.
2 Then our mouth was filled with laughter
And our tongue with joyful shouting;
Then they said among the nations,
“The LORD has done great things for them.”
The LORD has done great things for us;
We are glad.”  Psalm 126:1-3.

“Be glad in the Lord and rejoice, you righteous ones;
And shout for joy, all you who are upright in heart.”  Psalm 32:11.

“You have put gladness in my heart,
More than when their grain and new wine abound.”  Psalm 4:7.


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